At the Mental Health Association of East Tennessee, we are committed to being one of the main links to services within the area. With so many different treatment options, it can be overwhelming to try and identify which
service is right for you. We have provided
our most recent resource list and
encourage you to explore as many
services as possible to find the
correct fit for you or your loved one.

  1. Call the main number or access center for desired treatment center or private mental health professional.
  2. Request to schedule an appointment for an intake or initial evaluation.
  3. Have your insurance card ready if you have one, as you will be asked you for this information when you call. If you do not have insurance, the operator will talk to you about payment options and plans at this time. If the provider accepts insurance, make sure they take YOUR insurance!
  4. If the appointment is scheduled for several weeks out, there are often cancellations. We encourage you to call every 2-3 days to ask if there have been any cancellations and if you need to get into a provider quickly.
  5. If it is a crisis situation and you or your loved one cannot wait for the appointment, please contact Mobile Crisis or get to your nearest ER for immediate evaluation.
Mobile Crisis Services:

A qualified clinician will come to the Emergency Room or talk to a patient via Telemed to determine which course of treatment is appropriate for the current situation. Please note that inpatient hospitalization is not always the outcome of a MCU evaluation, but the clinician will provide resources and community support if the recommendation is for an alternative to inpatient care. NOTE: Crisis service providers vary by county.

Children’s Crisis Services

For Knox, Loudon, Blount, Monroe, and Sevier County: Helen Ross McNabb – (865)-539-2409

All other Counties in East Tennesse: Youth Villages – 1-866-791-9224

Adult Crisis Services

For Hamblen, Cocke, Jefferson, Grainger, Claiborne, and Union County: Cherokee – (423)- 586-5031

For Knox, Loudon, Blount, Monroe, and Sevier County: Helen Ross McNabb – (865)-539-2409

For Anderson, Roane, Morgan, Scott, and Campbell County: Ridgeview – (865)-481-6176

Crisis Stabilization Unit: Any East Tennessee County

The Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) is an alternative to inpatient treatment during the time of a crisis. The CSU provides crisis stabilization in a less intensive environment. Patients will receive a thorough medicine evaluation and be linked with community resources once they are mentally stable. The CSU serves clients that are uninsured and in a psychiatric or behavioral crisis. For more information about finding a treatment provider, please call (865)-584-9125.

CSU for Anderson, Hamblen, Cocke, Jefferson, Grainger, Claiborne, and Union County: Cherokee – (423)- 586-5031

CSU for Knox, Loudon, Blount, Monroe, and Sevier County: Helen Ross McNabb – (865)-541-6958

CSU for Roane, Morgan, Scott, and Campbell County: (865)-541-6958

Remember, finding a therapist, psychiatrist, or treatment group is a process; you may not feel comfortable or have a “connection” with the first or even first few providers that you see. The most important thing is to find the right fit between you and your service provider to increase the likelihood of recovery. As much as possible, maintain a positive attitude and don’t settle for average care.

Recovery Services

Peer Support Centers

Peer support can be one of the most significant tools a person can use on the journey to recovery. This model relies on individuals who live with mental illness to provide peer-to-peer support to others, drawing on their own experiences to promote wellness and recovery. Contact the Peer Support Center closest to you for more information:

Health Recovery Group - Morristown 865-207-1047
Friendship Place - Harriman 865-882-7694
Horizons - Oak Ridge 865-483-5457
Wings - LaFollette 423-562-2022
Friendship House - Knoxville 865-541-6635
Knox Recovery Center - Knoxville 865-374-7148
Maryville Recovery Center - Maryville - 865-379-6030
Sevierville Recovery Center - Sevierville - 865-374

Support Groups

Often the best advise can come from those who have dealt with similar experiences and who have the same health conditions.

Double Trouble Group (for people with both a psychiatric and addiction disorder) Call Mike 374-7150 for more info;

DBSA* Pendulums of Knoxville for depression & bipolar disorder. 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7 Laura: (865) 545-3008

DBSA Knoxville for depression & bipolar disorder call Larry or Linda. 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 630 PM : (865) 981-4291 or (865) 308-2530

DBSA* Blount County for depression & bipolar disorder call Larry or Linda: (865) 981-4291 or (865) 308-2530

Celebrate Recovery, at Cokesbury United Methodist Center, provides recovery support groups for addictions, eating disorders, anger management and abuse. Thursdays evenings. Call 693-0353

Knoxville Suicide Grievers Support Group - Survivors of suicide. Meets 2nd Thursdays. Call PJ 865-671-9631

Survivors of Suicide - for those left behind 865-984-4223 Maryville

Additional Support Groups may be identified by calling 865-584-9125

Recovery Education Programs

Education programs, taught by certified peer specialists, play a key role in each person's recovery, by giving students the tools to identify potential problems, formulate personal crisis plans, maintain wellness and manage their treatment and recovery plan.

Peninsula Recovery Education Center (REC), staffed by TN Certified Peer Specialists, is a place where people who struggle with mental illness develop their own programs to enhance and support their recovery. Participants can participate in many groups or classes, including the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and Job Readiness classes. Call 865.374.7151 or visit

BRIDGES, which stands for Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals through Education and Support, is a peer-taught course on mental illness, mental health treatment and self-help skills provided by the Tennessee.

Mental Health Consumers Association. Call 888-539-0393.

Housing and other Recovery Information -

Community Mental Health Centers

Click on resource to access more information.

  • Cherokee Health System 865.934.6734
  • Helen Ross McNabb Center 865.637.9711
  • Peninsula 865.970.9800
  • Ridgeview 865.482.1076
Community Addiction Treatment Facilities

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  • Cornerstone of Recovery 865.970.7747
  • Bradford Health Services 865.693.9326
  • Helen Ross McNabb Center 865.637.9711
  • English Mountain Recovery
  • Focus Treatment Center
  • The Recovery Ranch
  • New Life Lodge
Hospitals / Private Practice

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  • Blount Memorial 865.981.2300
  • Mercy Health Partners 865.545.8000
  • Parkwest 865.970.9800
  • Knox Area Psychological Association Members (private practice)
Resources for Uninsured

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  • Knoxville Area Project Access 865.531.2766
  • Cherokee Health System 865.934.6734
  • Helen Ross McNabb Center 865.637.9711
  • Ridgeview 865.482.1076
  • Peninsula 865.970.9800
  • Interfaith Health Clinic 865.546.7330
  • UT Psychological Clinic 865.974.2161
  • Dispensary of Hope 865.215.5000